"The Winning Software Tech Game Plan"
Location:  Central London   
Date:         13th September 2018
Time:        2pm - 5pm
Cost:         FREE - For all Software CEOs

Increase the Profits
And Value Of Your Software
Business Now
(Plus Cut Your Work Hours In Half) ...
This September, some of the world’s best software business growth specialists and marketers are coming together in Central London with one goal in mind: 

To transform your software business into a more profitable, valuable and easier to run organisation.

Over 3 game-changing hours, you'll:

  • Walk away with a proven game plan that’ll help you increase your profits and the value of your software business … the minute you get back to the office.
  •   Learn how to get shareholder and employee alignment as soon as possible, so you’re all working towards one common goal. (This will make your job easier)
  •  Gain a better work-life balance when you implement the strategies you’ll be given.
  •  Connect with people who can empathise with the specific growth issues and problems you can experience in the software industry. (All the speakers at the seminar have been where you are now)
  •   Create personal and professional connections with world-class, software business growth specialists and top marketers who can help you continue your success long after the seminar is over.
This Event Is for You If …
  • You're a software CEO … you know you want to increase your income and create a better work-life balance. 
  •  You're a majority shareholder in a software company … you know you want to find a way to get more money from your software business but don't know exactly how to do it yet. 
If either of these describes you … then you need to attend.


Because it's the only seminar for software businesses where you'll learn this kind of information.

It's where you'll learn what's working right now from the best in the business - experts like Mark Edwards, Michael Humblet, Guy Spragg, David Key & Darren Edwards - so you can go back to the office and wow your employees and fellow shareholders with your new skills and market insights.

It's where you'll find out the strategies specifically designed for software companies. Which you can then use to help build your software business into a long-lasting, extremely valuable organisation.

And, it's where you'll discover the simple system that will make your business much more efficient in everything you do.
FREE - for all Software CEOs
There will be NO hard-sell sales tactics at the seminar
Meet the experts who will 
be speaking at the seminar
Soak up the wisdom of the industry's best software business growth specialists as they share with you their decades of experience and success.
Mark Edwards
Achieve Your
Maximum Business Valuation 

David Key
The Winning M&A Mindset for Software Tech Business Owners 
Michael Humblet
Maximise your Sales Revenues to
Grow your Equity Value

Guy Spragg
From One Man & a Credit Card to Multi-Million business
Meet Over Coffee with Experts
Who Can Transform Your Business With
Just One Piece of Advice
Imagine having a chance to talk face-to-face with software business growth specialists and world-class marketers who've accumulated a vast range of knowledge from working with hundreds of software businesses all over the world!

Well, after the seminar has ended, you'll have the chance to chat with these growth specialists and marketers … all of whom have the knowledge to transform your business right away. There's no better way to get expert advice.

You can even be sipping coffee while you listen…

And you can be confident as there's no risk to implement the information you'll be given because it's already been used to help hundreds of software businesses - just like yours!

And to make sure you get the most from this event, you'll be given a book authored by Mark Edwards for FREE (that hasn't even been released yet!) with advice on how to take your software business to the next level. So you can create a higher income for yourself and a better work-life balance.

And just remember:

If you get even one useful tip … if you get even one profit-boosting strategy … if you get even one pointer, alerting you to decisions affecting your business efficiency … you'll have used your valuable time wisely by attending "The Winning Software Tech Game Plan" seminar.

Here's what previous attendees have said:

"High Quality..."
"...nuggets to take away..."
"...resonated very well..."
"...given food for thought!"
"Excellent location..."
FREE - for all Software CEOs
There will be no hard-sales tactics at the seminar